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"Brew Who"

Brew who is about a student witch, Ingrid, who accidently creates her familiar instead of her final assignment for her potion making class. Instead of a magic mushroom pie, she made Gooburg instead and unknowing to her, he is trying to help her pass this test!

Brew Who was the senior Capstone film I was apart of at SCAD where I got to help bring the story to life through boards and later on help animate once we transferred it into 3D.

Rogue RC

We follow our main character as he takes to the streets of Savannah, GA, to get a worms eye view of down town. However, he accidently falls on the controller and suddenly the toy has decided to tour alone without him and our main character has to catch it before something bad happens!​

I used the song "Dean Town" by Vulfpeck as supplement! 

Secrets of Isis - reimagined transformation

We were challenged to reimagine the characters and transformation sequence in the tv show "The Secrets of Isis" with the exception of not changing her costume. 

Popular Reimagined 

We were challenged to board a section from the Broadway musical "Wicked" for the song Popular by reimagining the characters and creating new chorography for the scene. 

All rights to characters and music belong to the musical "Wicked" 

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